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Our Mission

To educate more people about Financial Independence by supporting the success and growth of local clubs with a central platform for sharing resources, finding events and collaboration.

Have a Club?

That's awesome! There are a lot of awesome clubs that already exist and we want everyone to have theirs listed within FI Clubs. Keep your name, keep your format, do your thing! FI Clubs is here to support all clubs, new and old to keep on trucking!

7 Things You’ll Get Here in FI Clubs

  1. A directory of all active financial independence clubs: Above all, FI Clubs is here to help members of the financial independence community connect with one another. We aim to list ALL financial independence clubs that regularly meet in person and/or online to discuss financial independence. See a group that we missed? Let us know and we'll be sure to add it!
  2. A FREE platform for FI Clubs organizers and members alike: We believe the ~$180/year charge for Meetup and similar platforms may be holding some would-be organizers in our frugal community back. With FI Clubs, organizers can create a page for their club and schedule as many events as they'd like for an unlimited number of their members. Learn more here.

  3. Help finding nearby Clubs & Events: By adding your city to your member profile, we'll help you discover nearby FI Clubs and their upcoming Events. Traveling to a new city? Search the directory for FI Clubs in the cities you'll be visiting and see what upcoming events they have in store for their communities.

  4. An easy way to discover and connect with nearby Members: With location services enabled in the companion Mighty Networks mobile app, you'll see the profile icons of nearby members. This can be great for organizing events with nearby members or connecting with members after a local event.

  5. Note: To protect your privacy, we'll never see or reveal your location on a map.

  6. A home for building online AND offline community: Swap stories, experiences, and ideas, both online and in person, to encourage and inspire one another. Keep your conversations with other members going in a way that isn't really available elsewhere.
  7. Cross-club collaboration and communication: All FI Clubs organizers are invited to a private group for sharing resources and ideas with one another.
  8. A place for speakers and event organizers to connect: Are you a speaker interested in connecting with local Fi Clubs Organizers? Add your name to our list of FI Clubs Speakers. Planning a road trip or a tour? Use the FI Clubs directory to reach out to Organizers in the cities you'll be visiting.
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